Happy Birthday, Franklin!

Franklin 001

I am so excited to introduce our darling rescue pup, Franklin. Today is his first birthday! He will be spending it eating some tasty chicken, and going to play at the dog park. He is super snuggly and weighs only 3lb, 12oz as of his last weight in, and we think he might be a papillon/chihuahua mix, but we don’t know for sure. Although we’ve had him for several months now, I’ve been holding off introducing him, but expect to see a lot more of the little fuzzball in the future!

Franklin 002


Also a quick update: We are in the middle of a really large move, so unfortunately that has been taking up a lot of my time, but things should be settling down soon, and SP will be up and running as usual. I have a few fun things coming up, including a giveaway, so stay tuned for that! Thanks for checking in, and look for new content soon!



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  1. Eugene says:

    Happy Birthday you farm dog and from “the bear” also!!

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